Start A Club

The kids in your community need GO FAR! Start a club and take the first step to changing the lives of students, and their families, friends and teachers.


"I think GO FAR is fantastic. It’s really been engaging for the whole school. It’s a sense of community. It’s associated with being healthy. Being athletic is cool.” 
- Jonathan, husband of a coach


The best way to truly understand GO FAR is to join us on race day and see first hand what it is all about! Come to check out the coaches’ lot and festivities before the race. And be there to see the excitement as kids line up in in waves to start the race. For those who love to run, let us know and we will provide you with up to 2 registration coupons. Or, just show up and check things out! 


“It was really fun but really hard. At first I wanted to give up but then I wanted to keep going and there was people cheering me on so that’s why I kept going. When I heard that we were almost done I WAS SO HAPPY! When I crossed that finish line I was proud of myself. I’m totally going to another 5K race.”
– Jenny, GO FAR runner