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GO FAR’s power to transform children is immediately obvious. Students grow physically stronger while also gaining confidence, self-esteem, and the knowledge that they can set and meet goals. Kids tell us that crossing the 5K finish line and receiving a finisher’s medal feels like winning the Olympic Games. But GO FAR’s greatest impact may be the ripples it sends through a whole community. Often a participant’s parents and siblings start to share the training on weekends, agree to make simple changes to their diets, and complete the 5K. Teachers see the enthusiasm of their students and often join in, transforming themselves and serving as positive role models. Start a GO FAR club in your community!




GO FAR is an 8- to 10-week running club for children that promotes physical activity, healthy eating, and good character. Through the GO FAR curriculum, coaches teach children to set and reach goals and complete a 5K road race. The GO FAR Curriculum is:

  • Time-tested. GO FAR now reaches more than 8,000 children in eight states annually. Most programs repeat season after season.
  • User-friendly. Teachers, coaches, parents, and volunteers can easily lead a group using the Coordinators Manual, complete with 2 semesters (36 lesson plans) plus optional activities.
  • Comprehensive. Each session incorporates lessons about nutrition, character education, and physical fitness.
  • Affordable. We keep costs to a minimum with a one-time start-up and curriculum fee and per-student race fees for shirts and medals.
  • Inclusive. Girls and boys of all abilities can successfully complete the training program. Families are also encouraged to join in their children’s training.


To start a GO FAR Club, you will need:

  • $300 – GO FAR Coordinator’s Handbook and GO FAR Staff Mentorship
  • $25 per 5K registrant (financial assistance by request)

Additional start-up costs will vary based on the equipment needs of your club.

For more information, email our Program Manager, Lydia Hughes at [email protected] 


Problems surrounding childhood obesity are highlighted in the news frequently and people want to help! Farmers markets and grocery stores are often willing to donate or discount healthy snacks. Local businesses might help with copies or make monetary donations. And adult running clubs and civic organizations like to provide volunteers or monetary donations. Contact these groups in your community to find sponsors and scholarship funds:

  • Reach out to your school's Parent-Teacher Organization to see if they can include your GO FAR Club in their budget or if they offer grants. Check with school and county administration to locate funds available to nutrition and health programs and wellness initiatives. You may also be able to find money to cover cost of healthy snacks through school food service programs.
  • Contact your local colleges or universities to see if they would sponsor a child or group of children in your program to cover their club materials or race fees.
  • Meet with local civic organizations and rotary clubs to introduce the program and gain support and sponsors.
  • Check with your local health department and see if they have any programs or funds that can assist in covering the costs of your GO FAR Club.
  • Contact your local Child Care Resources and Referral agency to find more local resources.
  • Get in touch with a local running club or race-organizing committee that puts on local running races in your area or surrounding counties.
  • Talk to the owners of stores that sell running shoes, who are often well connected in the running community.
Additionally, there are many grant opportunities that support building a healthy kids running club…
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