Lace Up Shoe Fund

Running is a sport that doesn’t require much equipment- just a good pair of shoes and an open space! Many children participating in GO FAR do not have running shoes or have been handed down a pair they quickly outgrow, leaving them to run in shoes that do not fit properly or are not safe for running. We believe all children deserve to participate in GO FAR with confidence and safety.

For this reason, our Lace Up Shoe Fund was created in 2014, with support from generous donors and community partners. Funds from this scholarship are used each season to give new running shoes to a portion of our participating GO FAR clubs with children who need them most. Working with Omega Sports of the Triad each semester, we are able to fit children for their new shoes and deliver them at a GO FAR practice at their own school. These children gain confidence in themselves and their abilities as they are able to run safely and in comfort. There is nothing quite like seeing the smiles on the faces of these children each season when they lace up their own brand-new pair of shoes.

We are proud to continue offering our Lace Up Shoe program with your support! For more information or to support the Lace Up Shoe Fund, please contact Jessica Applegate at