Lace Up Shoe Fund

Running is a sport that doesn’t require much equipment, just a good pair of shoes and an open space. For many children participating in GO FAR, shoes are often handed down by siblings and quickly outgrown without the resources for replacements, leaving inadequate footwear that could lead to injury.

Starting in 2014, with support from generous donors and community partners, the Lace Up Shoe Fund was created to provide new running shoes to a portion of children participating in local GO FAR clubs each year. In partnership with Omega Sports of the Triad and New Balance, children are fitted for new running shoes and learn about the importance of healthy footwear. In addition to gaining security and comfort from shoes that fit, children also gain confidence in their abilities when lacing up their own brand-new pair of shoes.

For more information or to support the Lace Up Shoe Fund, please contact Sarah Beth Davis at