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    Item / Cost Start A Club Package, includes: $275 for GO FAR 5K Curriculum & Online Coach's Toolkit and $45 for Coach Webinar

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    All GO FAR Clubs need Liability Insurance. Public Schools, YMCAs, and Boys & Girls Clubs often have access to Liability Insurance through their school system or business. If not, you will need to obtain liability insurance for your stand-alone program. If you are NOT a public school, you are required to send proof of liability insurance for your GO FAR program to info@gofarclub.org.

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    An important component in the GO FAR curriculum is setting and achieving goals. As a celebration of their achievements, every child who participates in GO FAR receives a club kit. Per the GO FAR License Agreement, clubs are required to purchase GO FAR Club Kits, one for each child, every race season. Note - If you will be running in an official Triad or Raleigh Area GO FAR Family Event, club kits for your runners will be included in their race registration fees... please check first option listed above. Clubs not running in the Triad or Raleigh Events should pick from the other options.

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