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Fabulous GO FAR Face: Ruthan May, Program Development Coordinator!

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GO FAR, say hello to our Fabulous Face, Ruthan May!


Fabulous GO FAR Face: Meet Ruthan May, Program Development Manager


Ruthan is our GO FAR Superstar. She has been our Program Development Manager since October of 2019, but she has spent much time prior to becoming a staff member serving as a volunteer and member of the race committee!


Ruthan was drawn to GO FAR because of her passion for running. However, the mission of GO FAR truly resonates with her because she recognizes that GO FAR is about so much more than running. The opportunity to teach children impactful lifelong skills and habits at a young age is what is truly special to her. 


Ruthan is a naturally-talented “bridge-builder” and she connects with the community to help facilitate opportunities for children to have experiences running with GO FAR. Ruthan’s hard work creating meaningful connections between people and other organizations to GO FAR is amplified as each child crosses the finish line.


When Ruthan is not working, you can find her enjoying time with her wonderful family. Ruthan and her husband have been married for 30 years and have two adult children. Ruthan shares that being a Nana is one of the greatest joys in her life!


Thank you for all you do Ruthan. Keep Shining!

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