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Superstar Coach, Rachel from New Market Elementary!

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Our Superstar Coach, Rachel, is #CommittedtoGOFAR2022

"This year we have our largest club to date (almost 90 runners!). My goal for our Bobcat team is to build a community—one that crosses grade levels, one that includes families & teachers, and one that goes beyond running. Personally, I’m training for my first half marathon in April. I am hopeful that I’m an example to my runners that they can do hard things! 


Commitment means dedication and endurance even when it’s not easy. Our club embraces the phrase 'I can do hard things!' And GO FAR helps my student-athletes live this out. Doing hard things despite obstacles & challenges is a lesson we can learn together through our GO FAR season.


I’m a goal setter. I will write them down. I plan ahead. I set aside time to put this into practice. During the middle of my half training, I caught a nasty stomach bug & had to reset my plans a little. It would be easy to get discouraged but just like I teach my runners, I try to stay focused on the end result."


You are truly an inspiration, Rachel! The GO FAR community is lucky to have an awesome role model to motivate others to do hard things! 



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