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Week 7 GO FAR winner - Meet Mary Olzer

Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 25th 2013 - 8:00AM. | Perma Link

Mary Olzer week 7 winnerWinner of Week 7.  Meet Mary Olzer from Triangle Lake elementary in High Point. Mary is a unique GO FAR coordinator in that she works with special needs children. "Being a GO FAR Coordinator for three race seasons has meant so much to me. I can’t wait for the next season to start at my new school! I have had some truly amazing experiences helping inspire children to lead a healthy lifestyles while building character and enriching relationships with them. I believe that is what the GO FAR curriculum is truly about. Additionally, as a Special Education Teacher, having some of our students with special needs be involved in the GO FAR program has been an enrichment to their lives and to our volunteer coaches and community supporters. I hope that the program and support from those who coach will encourage our children to pursue a lifelong lifestyle that is healthy using the tools and support that the GO FAR curriculum provides. Watching children set and accomplish goals is such an amazing benefit of the work involved in coordinating a GO FAR program. It will be such an asset to our program at Triangle Lake Montessori Elementary to have race registrations to offer to some of our deserving participants."

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