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We have a winner for Week 6 - Marlee Rindal from the Y!

Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 18th 2013 - 5:00AM. | Perma Link

Marlee and coaches at Y

A current GO FAR Coordinator, Marlee Rindal is the Wellness Director at the Mary Perry Ragsdale Family YMCA in Jamestown, NC. Marlee has been involved with GO FAR for several years and has a number of coaches that help the kids during their weekly training runs as they prepare for the 5K. We love her philanthropic spirit and here is why… “Our YMCA GO FAR serves kids ages 5-13 from several of the surrounding schools including home-school children.  This fall we have 55 kids on our team.  One of our Y members recently started working as a PE teacher in a local charter school that does not have the GO FAR program.  She has seen the wonderful things our program does and wanted to start it there but because of budget restrictions could not.  I know the gift of the curriculum for her school will help reach more children in the Triad area.  So, as much as the free race kits would be helpful here, I believe we can serve more children by reaching out and getting the program started at her school. Thanks for offering a great program.”

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