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Volunteering at GO FAR Events Inspires Girl Scouts to Run

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From left: Raegan Gillman (honorary member), Jennifer Greeson, Katie Gillman, Rachel Greeson, Paige McLamb; Raegan will run the race and participates in some troop events with her sister, Katie.

They’ve had a prime seat at past GO FAR events, watching runners gear up before the 5K and seeing happy faces cross the finish line. In the past, members of Girl Scout Troop 2212 have handed out water and food to runners at the finish line. At the May 7 GO FAR race, some of the girls plan to cross the finish line themselves.

This spring, they’ve decided to train for the race instead of volunteering. “I was inspired when all the people were happy at the end. I felt like I would like it very much,” said Lindley Elementary third grader Paige McLamb.

Rachel Greeson, a Pearce Elementary fourth grader, said volunteering at past races inspired her too. “It was very encouraging watching runners come across the finish line. All those runners seemed so happy and proud and it made me feel good inside.”

Though running is new to her, she said training will help on race day. “I’ve really had to push myself because it’s not an easy thing to do,” she said. 

Katie Gillman, a fourth grader at Jefferson Elementary, is not new to running. She enjoyed helping GO FAR but looks forward to running this time. She likes exercise and had fun running her last race. She’s only worried about one thing on race day: “I think it will be fun but hot.”

McLamb has other thoughts: she’s worried she won’t make it. But she’ll be happy to see her friends out there.

Troop Leader Jennifer Greeson plans to run with the girls. She chose GO FAR as a volunteer opportunity because she likes what GO FAR stands for. “It makes the kids have a goal to achieve and they feel so proud when they come across the finish line once they achieve their goal,” she said.

When the girls handed out food at the finish line last year, they saw that pride firsthand. “That was even more exciting for the girls because they got to see the children’s expressions as they crossed the line. It was so inspiring to see the children finish after working so hard training,” she said.

Greeson has been training with her daughter and has never run a 5K before. It’s something she’ll be able to cross off her bucket list.

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