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Try New Ways to Get Moving This Summer

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Summer is a great time to try something new. With school out, schedules allow a bit more freedom. Take advantage of classes in your area or try a new outing while on vacation. Don’t let the longer days and sunshine pass by without getting in some fun exercise.

Local activities for a fee

You don’t have to stray far for a new adventure. The Triad offers a variety of activities to get families moving. Here are some ideas:

• tubing: There are lots of spots along the Dan River where you can pay to rent a tube and float down the river for a couple of hours. Carrying your tube, splashing, and trying to avoid getting stuck on the rocks all count as exercise—and, bonus, get you outside.

• paddling: Local parks offer kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddle boards, and sailboats for rent. Visit High Point Parks and Recreation and Greensboro Parks and Recreation for details.

• family biking: Not only does the Triad offer miles of greenway paths in High Point and Greensboro, but Virginia offers a fun scenic outing that’s worth the drive. Try the Virginia Creeper Trail in Damascus, Va. You can rent bikes, catch a shuttle to the top, and ride down an old logging trail. Stop for a splash in the creek on the way down.biking

• rock climbing: At The Ultimate Climbing Gym in Greensboro, you can learn indoor climbing and bouldering, take lessons, and rent gear, no matter your skill level. 

• tennis: Learn to play tennis with group or private lessons. Both High Point and Greensboro parks offer facilities and opportunities for play.

Activities to try without a big commitment

Looking for some new activities that won’t strain your wallet? Here are some ideas that are low-cost or free:

• mountain biking: Grab your bike and head to the Keeley Park Pump Track—a fun course that will help with trail riding. And it’s free.

• skating: You can find all ages at the Glenwood Skate Spot or Latham Skate Park in Greensboro or Winston-Salem’s Fairgrounds Skate Park. Wear your helmet and pads and take a spin on the vert wall. It’s free.

• Hula-Hooping: It’s a simple toy generations of kids have enjoyed, but it’s actually a great workout. Put on some music, tighten those abs, and see how long you can keep your Hula-Hoop going!

• classes: Look for classes nearby and see if you can try the first one for free. Barre studios and crossfit training are popping up everywhere.

• hiking: It’s not a new idea, but there’s something about getting outdoors and away from technology that will refresh your energy and clear your mind. Take in the scenery as you try new trails. Negotiating uneven paths will help you use different muscles.

• badminton: An old-fashioned game of badminton will be a memorable way to end your summer nights. Set up a net and grab the rackets. 

• videos: On YouTube, you can try new dances, yoga, cardio kickboxing, or pilates, all in the privacy of your own home.

Learn about a sport or activity you’d like to try. Do you know someone who boxes or plays pickleball? Research it to see if it’s something you’d be interested in. Borrow equipment and try it out before making an investment. There’s no time like the present to try something new.

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