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Transformation Tuesday - Meet Paula Lyles, GO FAR mom

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Transformation TuesdayTransformation Tuesday: Read Paula's story below.

"Three months after my daughter was born in 2008, I was having a hard time losing the baby weight, so my husband Tim and I bought a treadmill for Christmas. Little did I know that my attempts to lose weight would spark a complete lifestyle change and instill a passion for running that I never would have dreamed! I started the Couch to 5K Program and believe me when I say that running for 30 seconds when you are a couch potato, is no joke. But I persevered and each week got a little easier and a little more enjoyable. I ran my first 5K in the spring of 2009; it was the Go Far 5K and I don’t know that I could have picked a more enjoyable event. The atmosphere and crowd support were awesome. So much so that after I finished, my husband Tim said he would do the next one with me. I would like to say that I ran the whole way for my first race, but I did take a few walking breaks and finished faster than my goal, so I was ecstatic. Tim and I RAN the whole way together in the Fall GO FAR 5K and we were hooked. Since that first year we have continued to run together and our children now run with us for some races. This fall Andrew, 6 and Ashleigh, 5 will run their third GO FAR 5K!!! Running is, for us, a family event! Before the kiddos were old enough to run with us, Tim pushed them in a double jogging stroller and we have run many races together from 5K and 10K’s to 10 milers and even a couple of half marathons. I am so blessed that my husband is willing to stick with me so we can run together. At the moment we are in training for our third marathon… never dreamed this would be a possibility and I’m so glad that I didn’t give up when running for 30 seconds was so hard.”

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