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Throwback Thursday: The first GO FAR race, 2003

Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 15th 2013 - 7:00PM. | Perma Link

We begin the celebration of GO FAR's 10th anniversary season with this great shot of the start of the very first GO FAR 5k, held on the campus of High Point University. Sprinkled in there somewhere behind the college students who came out to run are 16 elementary school students, the first GO FAR participants. 

Start of first GO FAR race, 2003

It's fun to compare this shot with recent photos of GO FAR race starts where thousands, literally, of young runners are chomping at the bit, like this shot from the spring 2013 GO FAR Family 5k, our largest event to date with more than 1,800 finishers. 

Start of the Spring 2013 GO FAR Family 5k

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