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Thanks to Positive Experience, Former GO FAR Runner to Return as Race Volunteer

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GO FAR introduced Greta Wagner to running in elementary school. This fall the Ragsdale High freshman will return, but she won’t cross the finish line. She said because of the great experience she had, she plans to volunteer for the program that taught her about more than just running.wagner

Wagner ran GO FAR for three seasons with the Ragsdale YMCA and then joined her middle school track team for two years. Friends talked her into joining GO FAR. She said it was a positive experience that taught her running could make her feel good while she still pushed herself to do her best. 

“You get timed in a 5K, but there’s no pressure to be number one,” Wagner said. “You can just run as fast as you want. It was fun running with my friends too because we could talk and encourage each other. It was great when people cheered me on as I finished and I loved cheering for other runners too.”

The weekly GO FAR lessons extended beyond exercise. She learned about healthy eating, perseverance, and goal setting. “It helped me learn that if you work hard, you can succeed in a lot of things, not just running,” she said. “I think the best thing I learned from GO FAR is that running can help you feel good and reduce stress. It gets you outside in the fresh air. It’s something you can do by yourself or with your friends. You can set a goal and achieve it.”

Those GO FAR lessons applied to other areas as well and paid off as she worked hard in middle school to make honors classes in high school.

Because Wagner needs service learning hours, volunteering for the GO FAR event this fall made sense. “I thought it would be a great chance to give back to the community and program I used to run in,” she said.

Her brother participates in the program at Jamestown Middle and her mom Jill has run the races with both of them. She will volunteer with Greta on Nov. 5. “Now that my kids are getting older, volunteering is a way to still participate,” Jill Wagner said. “For me, seeing so many little people running their hearts out, sometimes struggling, but eventually crossing the finish line is so incredible and leaves such a powerful impact on them. Training, working through the rough patches, and finishing a race can be such a metaphor for life.”

We still need volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for the GO FAR Family Event on Nov. 5, fill out our online form. 

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