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Start a Non-Profit GO FAR Club in 2014!

Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 26th 2013 - 11:00AM. | Perma Link

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Have you wanted to start a GO FAR Club in your community but found it hard to get the financial support needed to get your GO FAR Club going? Now you can start a Non-Profit GO FAR Club under the umbrella of GO FAR's 501(c)3 and solicit funds in your community to get your program going. A 501(c)3 is a charitable organization governed by a Board of Directors and organizational by-laws. Nonprofit does not mean that the organization can’t make a profit. In fact, a successful nonprofit will make money. This money is invested back into the nonprofit for continued operations. Check out our new Non-Profit Club page for more information and see how you can grow a successful Non-Profit Club while giving back to your community!

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