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Scout Troop a Returning Supporter at GO FAR Races

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It’s not uncommon to see Scouts helping out in the community. Part of their oath includes helping others. Scout Law dictates a Scout must be “trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly.” This spring Boy Scout Troop 26 volunteered at the GO FAR race for the fourth time. For such an event that depends on volunteers, “helpful” is key.

Boys from the troop, based at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in High Point, handed out water to runners on the course. They took away not only needed volunteer hours, but also the knowledge of what it feels like to help out in the community.GoFar_watertable

The Scouts, ages 11-18, are spread among all ranks, from Scout to 1st Class, from Star Scout to Eagle Scout. “Our troop is always looking for ways to help our community and also promote Scouting,” said Michael Secor, troop committee member who plans outings and sits on the Board of Reviews for advancing Scouts. “All Scout ranks require volunteer hours as part of their achievements to advance and this fits in perfectly.”

Those volunteer hours are important. “We have several Life Scouts working on their Eagle projects now and five Scouts in our troop reached Eagle in the past two years,” he said.

The Scouts have fun on race day too. It’s not hard work but they understand that it’s nice to help others. “It feels good to help people push themselves,” said Noah, 17.

“I saw people running that I knew and liked supporting them,” said Landon, 16.

The Scouts enjoyed the fast pace and helping the community. And hydrating 2,100-plus people is exciting, according to Le, 12.

“Running people are thirsty,” said Chris, 14.

“You have to constantly be alert for the upcoming runners,” said Rene, 18. The Scouts figured out a system to keep the flow going during the race. Noah said that assembly lines make the work go faster.

“Make sure runners keep moving when they get water,” said Julian, 16.

It’s quick work as each wave of runners comes by, but the Scouts had time to make observations too. Anthony, 15, said it was nice to see everyone getting along.

And the company at the water station was pretty good too. “Volunteering with friends is fun,” said Noah.

Photos courtesy of Troop 26.


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