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Scout Gives Back to GO FAR Program

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When Joseph Burns heard GO FAR needed two custom storage carts for a mobile trailer used at events, he knew it was the Eagle Scout project for him. A requirement of the project is that it must benefit a nonprofit organization. He was familiar with GO FAR. The Southwest Guilford High sophomore ran GO FAR all three years of middle school.carts

“I enjoyed the program and what it stood for,” Joseph explained. “Also our troop worked the water station for the races in High Point.”

Joseph met with then-executive director Julie Hill in December 2015 to discuss GO FAR’s needs. He finished building the carts this September.

“The bulk of the time was working on the proposal and project plan,” Joseph said.

“The major point of an Eagle project is leadership skills,” Joseph explained. “I should be able to give any Scout my Eagle workbook and they should be able to construct [the project]. There has to be a lot of detailed information and steps.”

He had to submit a proposal for approval by the Eagle Scout Board at Old North State Council and get a project plan approved by his Eagle advisor. “I had to have step-by-step detailed instructions on how the carts would be built,” he said. “I had to figure out the design and what materials I would need.”

He approached Beeson Hardware in High Point for the materials. They donated some and discounted the rest.

With the help of eight Scouts, four leaders, and the woodworking skills he learned from his father, Joseph and his team completed the construction in nine hours.finished_carts 

For his Eagle Scout project, Joseph Burns made two carts to fit inside the black trailer seen in the photo above. The carts and trailer will be used at GO FAR events.

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