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Meet The Coach: Quasheba Carter at Fairview Elementary

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Hey Coach Carter! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us! Last year, right before the pandemic I had the privilege of attending one of your practices and loved every minute of it. The kids really encouraged and supported each other and I appreciated the fact that you made sure to have coaches available to run alongside of kids of various abilities and speeds. I knew when we started Meet The Coach that I wanted to make sure to highlight you as one of our coaches.

GF: Will you tell us a little about yourself and your history with GO FAR?

QC: Believe or not, I attended Fairview Elementary years ago when I was younger. Fairview was a wonderful school then, like it is now. After Fairview I attended Ferndale, then on to H.P. Central where I played basketball and ran track.  I attended High Point University where I also played basketball. Then years down the road I found myself back at Fairview Elementary where I am honored to be a Teacher Assistant and a coach for Go Far.  I have been with Guilford County for 8 years and have enjoyed my time with the scholars that I serve. I have 2 adult sons, 1 of whom attended Fairview also.


In my down time I practice and teach dance fitness classes. I have been a dance fitness instructor for 5 years, teaching at recreation centers, gyms and studios in the Triad area. I started coaching GO FAR 2 years ago and I can say, after the first year I was hooked!

GF: How were you introduced to GO FAR?

QC: My first knowledge of Go Far was seven years ago when I was working at Triangle Lake Montessori.  Even though I wasn’t involved firsthand with the program, I was knowledgeable about the program.  I knew several kids that participated in GO FAR there.  

Then I started a new position at Fairview Elementary, there I was introduced to GO FAR again to become a coach.  I was excited and ready to start.

GF: Do you have a favorite memory of your time coaching so far?

QC: A favorite memory of my time coaching so far has been Race Day! I remember us waiting for the bus to arrive.  The bus was running behind schedule and this was the race we had practiced for 8 weeks. I was somewhat nervous, but excited at the same time. I believe we all felt the butterflies in our stomachs while we waited.  

We finally arrived and saw all the other participants of the race.  We received our race gear and we were all set to go.  We stretched, we danced and primed our muscle.  Then we took a few selfies before the start of the race. To see their smiling faces with excitement made me proud. We all ran the race and we all finished the race! That was the goal- to finish the race! 

The best part is to see the kids’ faces when they start and finish the race. That gave me a feeling of hope and accomplishment. 

GF: What have you learned from coaching GO FAR?


GO FAR has taught me to build stronger relationships with the kids, parents and staff members. It taught me that I could not do it alone. I’m truly thankful for all the staff members and parents who came out and assisted with the fun practices, and race day.  

Our kids have a strong support system here at Fairview.  We had about 10 or more staff members to extend their time and effort with the group.

GO FAR has taught us all about discipline, transparency, and determination.  It has also taught me how to give, to educate kids about obesity, to show them healthier ways to combat obesity and ways to prepare healthy and nutritious snacks and meals.  It has given me the opportunity to be a part of a much greater cause.

GF: What is one tradition or unique/fun fact about your club at Fairview?

One fun fact about our club at Fairview is that we go have pizza after the race.  Then we all wear our t-shirts and medals on the following school day to celebrate all the students that participated in the GO FAR program.


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