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Lace Up with Washington Montessori Coaches

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This is the reminder that Principal Paul Travers is giving to his students at the end of morning announcements. It’s the code that students and staff at Washington Montessori Elementary School live and work by, which is made obvious very quickly on the morning of our Lace Up shoe measurements. This is the first morning that the GO FAR running club at Washington Montessori is meeting. In keeping with COVID-19 regulations and for the safety of all of the children and staff, the club is small and keeping the recommended physical distance, but there is an excitement this morning that is reminiscent of life before the pandemic. Coach Meg Sisk has her hands full of bags and Principal Travers carries a pack of bottled waters. On the way to the classroom where they are meeting on this day, Coach Sisk explains that Principal Travers was just coming in from running loops so that he can tell the kids how many loops it will take to equal 1 mile. He finished his mile in 4 minutes and 55 seconds and has barely broken a sweat. 


As they begin their meeting, Principal Travers explains to the children that when he and Coach Sisk decided that they wanted a GO FAR club at Washington Montessori, she did lots of research and wrote for grants to cover the cost of their club. Because of those grants, the children are receiving a new set of running clothes that morning, and GO FAR is going use the funds from our Lace Up Shoe Scholarship to purchase them each a new pair of running shoes. Each detail of this club, from the number of participants, to the meeting times (morning practices will help the kids to focus during the day) has been planned with care and the success of these students in mind. Both coaches have previous GO FAR experience: Mr. Travers was a coach at Foust Elementary previously, and Ms. Sisk used to coach at Lindley Elementary. When they began working together at Washington Montessori, bringing GO FAR in was an obvious choice, and even after the pandemic hit and changed their plans, they participated in the virtual fall season to help build excitement in the school for the upcoming club. With all that I have now learned about Washington Montessori and the coaches that make up this GO FAR dream team, it is not surprising that their school took first place in the competition to log the most mileage. 


When I asked them why GO FAR was the program they chose and what value they see in it, Coach Sisk replied, “Both of us love the teamwork and life skill development that are embedded in GO FAR. We also see first hand the connection between strong bodies and strong academics. We wanted this opportunity to strengthen the lives and future of our students. When the pandemic came, we realized that this connection to school was even more important now in our students’ lives. We are so excited for what is ahead!”


Us too, Coach Sisk! Us too. 

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