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Kids Get Ready for New Shoes Thanks to Grant

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Thanks to a grant from the Greater Greensboro Society of Medicine, students from Archer Elementary School’s GO FAR club in Greensboro will have new running shoes in time for the Nov. 15 race.

After laps around the track recently, the kids took turns slipping off their current shoes to be fitted for new ones.

archershoesGetting a new pair of shoes is a big deal for some of these students. “The shoe grant is going to help them out,” said Chris Hewitt, GO FAR coach and Physical Education teacher at the school.

“I’m not sure how often they get new shoes,” he said. But he’s thrilled his group was chosen for the grant and he’s happy for his students. There’s a big need for this. “A few kids did not do [GO FAR] because they didn’t have shoes.”

Fourth grader Jamal Hamza is excited to try out his new shoes when they come in. “They’ll just make me feel comfortable,” he said. In his second GO FAR season, Hamza knows he’ll need that for the November race. There are more important things to focus on.jharcherelem

Last year, GO FAR helped give shoes to 75 students through grants and hopes to give out about 200 pairs of shoes this year thanks to individuals who have donated to the Lace Up Shoe Scholarship and in large part to the High Point Community Foundation grant funds with the collaboration of OMEGA Sports and Ricky Evans, assistant store manager, High Point.

Read more about those grants here.

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