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Get to Know GO FAR: Board Member Curtis Cheeks

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Curtis, tell us about yourself!

I am a former high school and collegiate runner and current High Point Police Officer, and got involved with GO FAR while the supervisor of our Community Engagement Unit. As a father, I'm teaching my son the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and running is the sport that shaped my athletic career and taught me teamwork, work ethic and investing in others. GO FAR embodies those very things!

How many years have you been involved with GO FAR and in what capacity?

I have served on the board for approximately 2 years.

How has involvement with GO FAR impacted your life, or the lives of those around you?

It is a reminder of the potential children have when structure is provided and a goal is attainable. You see and hear all that is negative with youth but to watch thousands of kids come together two times a year and run and celebrate their accomplishment is a great feeling.

What is one character trait that has been beneficial to you in your own life that you have seen GO FAR help children to develop?

Commitment - setting a goal and pushing your self to accomplish that goal no matter how uncomfortable it may be. 

What is one goal that you have for 2021, or one thing you are looking forward to this year?

To get our races back, COVID has kept everyone inside and less active, I'm sure the kids are ready to get back to it and I look forward to the races.

Favorite quote?

"Look in the mirror. That is your competition."

Favorite Triad-based businesses?

Organic AF and Grinder Coffee - local to this area and healthy

Favorite part of the GO FAR program, or a favorite memory you have from your involvement?

The starting line waves of runners, eager in matching shirts!

One random or fun fact about yourself?

I have run hundreds of miles but I can not jump rope!


Thank you, Curtis Cheeks, for all you do to serve GO FAR and the High Point Community!

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