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GO FAR Runs in the Family

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GO FAR Joplin family

Above: James, Saunders, and Witten Joplin; Below: Witten Joplin

When it comes to sports, Saunders, Witten, and James Joplin have mostly different interests, but they still appreciate a little brotherly competition.

The boys do have one thing in common: GO FAR. All three boys started the program as third or fourth graders at Sternberger Elementary School in Greensboro. Saunders, now a sophomore at Grimsley High School, joined GO FAR the first year Sternberger offered it. Thanks to his coach, he learned how to stretch properly and good running form.

The younger brothers followed suit. “It wasn’t even a question of ‘if’ they would participate,” said mom, Sarah. “It was ‘when I get to’ participate for my other two.”

She was impressed with what her kids got from the program. “The kids felt like they were part of a school team,” Sarah said. “Seeing them develop and learn how to actually run was amazing. The education component of the program was key. They learned that what they ate was directly related to how they felt when they ran.”

The boys know the basics of the program help them with their other activities: Saunders plays baseball, Witten and James both wrestle, and Witten also plays football. “That is why I do GO FAR,” said James, a seventh grader at Kiser Middle School. “It is during the off season and helps me stay in shape.”joplin2

GO FAR has helped the boys learn to overcome challenges. Witten, an eighth grader at Kiser, said his coach taught him better breathing techniques. James learned how to deal with not being the fastest. “Sometimes I would I run at home after I finished my homework,” he said.

Saunders said GO FAR helped him become a good athlete. “It was the first athletic thing I did that I was really good at,” he said.

James looks for ways to improve too, pushing himself on the Kiser GO FAR team with a goal to be in the top ten of the GO FAR race every year. Having brothers to compete with may pay off. “That is helpful because there is always someone to beat,” he said. “We are a very competitive family, but I am the fastest in the family....Just want to say that.”

Jokes aside, the boys do support and encourage one another by watching each other compete in their sports. They have also learned to embrace their own athletic abilities. “Running is the only thing they have all three done together where they actually competed against each other,” Sarah said. “I believe they have learned that they each have different strengths in athletics and that it is OK.”

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