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GO FAR Lace Up Shoe Program Donates Running Shoes to Students

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GO FAR kids at Morehead Elementary open new running shoes as part of the Lace Up Shoe Scholarship Fund.

Thanks to the GO FAR Lace Up Shoe Scholarship Fund, 103 GO FAR students from Morehead Elementary School in Greensboro received brand-new running shoes yesterday. 

Omega Sports of the Triad and New Balance shoes partnered with the Lace Up program, fitting students for the new shoes on Feb. 9 and teaching them about the importance of proper footwear. 

“I love the energy and excitement I get when I put on new shoes and head out on a run,” said Vicky Schrock Fowler, GO FAR coach and Morehead PE teacher. “Now 103 Morehead GO FAR students will get to feel this too. These New Balance running shoes will provide stable comfort, support, and a boost to their self-confidence in completing practice sessions and the GO FAR 5K on May 6.”

There is a definite need at the school. Fowler keeps a basket of used running shoes available for use during practices or to keep if needed. Some students have used those shoes this year.

Funds raised through local donors support the purchase of new shoes and schools are chosen for the scholarship based on need. “Each year, we consider the local schools in our program and the feedback we receive from GO FAR coaches and school administrators,” said Sarah Beth Davis, GO FAR Executive Director. “We often hear stories of children coming to practice in snow boots or sandals, and we select schools where families may not have the resources to purchase new running shoes.”  

The shoe donations were made in time for students to break in their new shoes for the spring GO FAR Family 5K & Fun Run presented by Triad McDonald’s, on Saturday, May 6. 

For more photos from the shoe delivery, check out our Flickr page here.



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