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GO FAR Challenge Makes an Impact

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Amanda Browning logs miles with her kids during the challenge.

Our goal is to ignite a passion for healthy living among children, families, and communities. The GO FAR 20/20 Virtual Challenge made an impact on many participants. Here are the top reasons people had for participating, continued from our newsletter:

4. “The GO FAR 2020 challenge has helped me get back out running. After having a baby, and then between working from home and living with the reality of the pandemic, it was so hard to motivate myself to work out with any regularity. The challenge was manageable and easy to find time to just do one mile each day.” — Stacey Spurr

5. “This challenge has made me think twice about exercising every day and how important it is. I now exercise one or two times a day, whether it be tennis, running, walking or biking. And we know that all money that is raised from the challenge goes to something we all believe in for the kids.” — Allyson Little

6. “I love being physically active and want to teach my kids the same. My daughter likes to even get out of the stroller and run/walk with me now. It feels so good going for a run/walk every day and it's a bonus when friends join in too! After having 2 kids, my body has changed and I just want to get back into shape. This challenge has been an awesome way to track my progress.” — Jennifer Stillman Black, PE teacher at SWHS

Jennifer Stillman Black and family

7. “The 20/20 challenge has been an incredible motivator and team bonding experience for our family. We have embraced the challenge, and although some in our family typically run more than others (and some of us are older and broken down), it has motivated our family to accomplish all of our individual goals!” — GO FAR Board member Adam Schwartz

8. "After not being nearly as active during the COVID lockdown as I had intended, I was excited to get the motivation I needed by signing up for the challenge. It was a great way to support GO FAR and make myself to pop in my AirPods and walk a couple of miles a day!” — Madalyn Kunow

9. “I decided to do the 20/20 challenge to push myself. I love to run — I need to have an end goal in a marathon. This challenge is different in that it pushes me to get out bed every morning and run. GO FAR has always inspired me as a teacher runner and I love that it encourages young people to be happy and healthy. I want to be a positive part of that movement.” — Yvonne Stewart

Yvonne Stewart

10. “I love supporting an organization that gives back to the community by teaching children healthy lifestyles and getting them involved in running which is an activity that is easily accessible regardless of age and location with no equipment needed!” — Angie Moore

11. “I decided to participate in the GO FAR 20/20 Challenge because it benefits a great cause. Also, the challenge was a great way to keep me motivated to exercise regularly.” — Russ Butler

12. “The GO FAR virtual challenge was exactly what I needed to get moving! It's been great fun to get up early and walk our dogs and watch the day get started. Have even gotten our 12-year-old son to take a turn with me several times. Thank you GO FAR for the inspiration I needed — and for helping me realize it's not hard at all to find the time to fit in a mile or two every day!” — Louise Pinckney Courts

Cotes Courts

13. “We registered for the 20/20 Challenge to find motivation to exercise and get out of the house during Covid 19. Our initial idea to have a mother-daughter time and start running together has transformed in a discovery of beautiful trails in Guilford County and my daughter’s love for hiking. We will treasure these days together going to a new place to find a new path to walk and enjoy. Thanks GO FAR for organizing this.” — Helena Rushby

14. “I did the 20/20 challenge to support the GO FAR program and to inspire others including my students and their families to be active. Running is a great way to bring balance to my busy life. I believe that running helps young and old to stay physically and mentally fit. I have created a habit to offer every step I take when I am running for those who are not able to run. The 20/20 challenge was an opportunity to offer many steps for others during these difficult times.” — Carla Ballesteros, Principal at Allen Jay Elementary

Carla Ballesteros

15. “The GO FAR 20/20 Virtual Challenge motivated me to run on swampy summer mornings, and I ran because I believe in GO FAR’s mission.” — Eddie Wooten, News and Record

16. “I completed the 20/20 challenge for all of those that couldn’t. I ran each day for my students, my players, my friends and family. The challenge gave me a sense of purpose, reigniting my enthusiasm and to help motivate others.” — Michelle Pastore, Johnson Street Global Studies GF coordinator

17. “GO FAR is such a vital organization in making children aware of personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In these uncertain times, I was thrilled to participate in the 20/20 Challenge and appreciated the creative alternative to the race.” — Penn Gross

18. “The 20/20 virtual challenge allowed me to support an amazing organization as well as motivated my family to engage in physical activities together. Supporting GO FAR, an organization that empowers young people to reach their goals and teaches the value of leading a healthy lifestyle and engaging my little ones in these same principles, was a win-win for me!” — Amanda Browning, Weaver Academy PE

19. “I think it is an excellent way to engage children and educate them on the importance of fitness and health. I think the work you all are doing is amazing. It was also a helpful way to hold myself accountable for my own running.” — Garrett Gregory

Garrett Gregory

20. “My husband and I signed up to do the GO FAR 20 mile challenge just as a way of supporting a great organization. Running has been a large part of both our lives for nearly 10 years. Then a 1 month running hiatus turned into a 2 month break. The longer we went, the less we felt like strapping on our running shoes until we signed up for the GO FAR 20 mile challenge. We told ourselves that all we had to do was 1 mile a day. By having an achievable goal, getting back to running didn’t seem so daunting. We are still running! Every day! Even if it’s just one mile! The program designed to teach children how to run, set goals and commit to a task helped this couple of adults get back on the road to a healthier and happier lifestyle!” — Andrea and John Hunt

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