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Find Funding for a GO FAR Club

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Does an afterschool GO FAR running club sound right for your school, but you aren’t sure how to fund it? We have some ideas to help lighten the financial load and get your school on track to healthy habits.

  • Reach out to your school’s Parent-Teacher Association to see if they can include a GO FAR Club in the budget or if they offer grants. Check with school and county administration for funds available to nutrition and health programs and wellness initiatives. You may also be able to find money to cover cost of healthy snacks through school food service programs.
  • Get in touch with a local running club or race-organizing committee that puts on local running races in your area or surrounding counties.
  • Talk to the owners of stores that sell running shoes, who are often well connected in the running community. 
  • Ask your principal about local businesses that may already be supporting the school. They may be willing to help sponsor the club.
  • Host a fundraiser at your school to raise funds to support your club – bake sales, car washes, spare change round-ups, and raffles are great opportunities.
  • Apply for grants. Northwood Elementary Coach Hally Allred finds resources in community sponsors. “This spring we have a grant from the High Point Bar association that will cover scholarships, the new curriculum, and healthy snacks,” she says.
  • Look for individual sponsors in the community. Allred says teachers approach her about sponsoring students to participate in her school’s club.
  • Contact local colleges or universities about sponsoring a child or group of children in your program to cover their club materials or race fees.
  • Meet with local civic organizations and rotary clubs to introduce the program and gain support and sponsors.
  • See if your local health department has programs or funds that can help cover the costs of your GO FAR Club.

For more help with funding ideas, call GO FAR at (336) 508-4380.

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