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Company Sponsorship Makes GO FAR Club Possible

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Montlieu students begin practices for their spring GO FAR season.

HIGH POINT—When volunteers talk to GO FAR students at Montlieu Elementary, the kids talk about past races, improving run times, as well as whatever else is on their mind.

The Montlieu GO FAR club started three years ago in partnership with the North Main Street office of Pinnacle Financial Partners, which provides funds for 30 student registrations, volunteers, and running shoes for this spring season. Coach Myshellie Young says without their support, the club wouldn’t be possible. Pinnacle pays the race registration for all 30 students in the club.

“Montlieu is a Title I School and most of the families can’t provide money for the race or the club,” she says. “We are so very thankful for Pinnacle’s support.”

A ‘GO FAR’ Family
Young says GO FAR is a great way to get kids and adults to get active and move toward better health, and she has also seen other benefits at her school.

“It also provides students with an opportunity to connect with teachers on a more personal level and solidifies that teachers believe and support them,” she says. “Our GO FAR teachers and students become a GO FAR family. When students say, I don’t want practice to end, it melts my heart.”

Serving the Community
Lucy Ortiz, Office Leader, says Pinnacle looks at programs that help in the communities they serve. The company is also currently supporting some housing in the area around Montlieu, and supporting the school made sense.

“As far as my team is concerned, the personal satisfaction of them being able to realize the community donations that the firm makes and the results of that involvement have been great,” she says.

Making a Positive Impact
The partnership is about more than funds. It’s about community. A Pinnacle associate volunteers at every practice and participates with students.

“It makes a tremendous difference knowing people in the community want to help our babies and provide support during practices,” Young says.

Volunteers provide support in many ways. “I felt that our partnership role in this was to help encourage the kids to form healthy living habits, and to motivate them to not give up,” says Lili Begic, Financial Specialist at Pinnacle. “We wanted them to know that we and the community are there to support them.”

Brandon Creech, Assistant Office Leader, says being able to connect with the kids through running, friendly competition, and talking has been an amazing experience.

“The kids are seeing that there is a community behind them, taking the time to enlighten them and be there when they need to be heard,” he says. “I am just hoping that the small part I play while volunteering will make a positive impact on at least one child.”

For information about sponsoring a GO FAR club, contact Sarah Beth Davis at 336-543-3141 or [email protected].

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