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Alecia Goudy from Manteo Middle School wins the GO FAR swag!

Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 1st 2013 - 8:00AM. | Perma Link

And the winner of the Week 8 GO FAR swag is Aletia Goudy, mom of a son attending Manteo Middle School. Her son Kaleb has been doing GO FAR 4 years and the impact? Well listen to what mom has to say,"Kaleb looks forward to the start of GO FAR with great anticipation, it's a time to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. The coaches and volunteers are the best support and not just running but building lasting friendships and self-esteem that last a life time. OBX MMS is the best. Lessons in friendship, running with a buddy, having persistence to work for a goal and of course seeing his time and distance improve each week; all make GO FAR a wonderful experience. A definite highlight to his week."

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