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Superstar Coach, Peter from Brooks Global Elementary!

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Our Superstar Coach, Peter, is #CommittedtoGOFAR2022

"Brooks Global Go Far Club goals – add more ‘first time’ Go Far runners to our team; involve more extended family members as volunteer ‘coaches’ and runners/walkers; help our runners feel PROUD of their accomplishment of setting out to run 1 mile or 5K and crossing the finish line; improving teamwork – helping our running buddies ‘keep on going'!


Most of these runners would never commit to, train for, and run a race like this without Go Far’s support and motivation. I want to help our runners feel good about training and working hard each week – even though it is tough! 


We work towards having an organized program where all of the coaches LOVE that they are volunteering their time to run with our students.  We make practices fun and engaging and a very positive social experience on top of the great exercise! We include any and all Brooks Global family members that want to participate and it has become a very special running community.  At the end of our season we CELEBRATE (with a Smoothie Party) every single runner that participates in our program even if they don’t run the race!"


Thank you so much, Peter, for making a difference in your runners' lives! Your enthusiasm and positivity are radiant! 

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