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Superstar Coach, Yvonne from Alderman Elementary!

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Our Superstar Coach, Yvonne, is #CommittedtoGOFAR2022

"As a GO FAR coach, I am 'Committed' to creating a fun, safe atmosphere where my runners feel confident in themselves and learn to set goals and strive to be the best version of themselves.


Commitment, to me, means never giving up. Even in the face of adversity- keep your chin up and shoulders back and look forward to your goal. Commitment is dedication, hard- work, and trust in yourself.


Before we start our run at practice, I ask each student what their lap goal is for that day.  I write that number on their right hand- so they can look at it while they are training. As each runner comes around to me- I add a dot to their left hand- so they can see their goal in action. At the end of every practice- I have each student tell me if they met their goal or not- we cheer if they met it and we talk about what we can do next time if they did not.  I also have prizes for meeting their goal, running more laps than the last practice, and most laps run for that day. I want to encourage my students to believe in themselves and know that if they set their mind to something – they will be able to achieve it!"


Thank you for all you do for your runners, Yvonne! We are lucky to have you as a part of the GO FAR team. This year we will commit to go far, together!

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