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New GO FAR Face: Carolina Vaquez, Race Coordinator!

Submitted by on Feb 25th 2022 - 10:00AM. | Perma Link

GO FAR, meet our new Race Coordinator, Carolina Vazquez!

Carolina is a mom to two tweens who keep her on her toes! Carolina says that they were the driving force that led her to her dedication to non-profit. Her children pushed her to want more for her community. So she decided to take the initiative to make that happen. Carolina began volunteering at the non-profit organization, D-Up. Additionally, she volunteered at Growing High Point’s Growdega mobile market. She transitioned from volunteer to a driver for this organization, then became their Program Manager. Carolina’s hard work, intelligence, and leadership certainly do make an amazing impact on her community. She is an amazing asset to the GO FAR team, and we are incredibly lucky to have her. 


Carolina became involved with GO FAR when her children participated in our races. Last year, not only did Carolina’s children run in our races, but Carolina also was involved in a major way. With Growdega, Carolina was able to provide fruit to the runners at the finish line! Carolina loved this experience and is thrilled to have the opportunity to lead GO FAR in our races this year. 

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