Grant Opportunities


There are many groups and individuals who are interested in helping programs that are working to fight childhood obesity. Contact these groups in your community to find sponsors and scholarship funds.

  1. Contact your local colleges or universities to see if they would sponsor a child or group of children in your program to cover their club materials or race fees.

  2. Meet with local rotary clubs and civic clubs such as Junior League, Jaycees, and Kiwanis to introduce the program and gain support and sponsors.

  3. Contact your local health department and see if they have any programs or funds that can assist in covering the costs of your GO FAR Club.

  4. Contact your local Child Care Resources and Referral agency to find more local resources.

  5. Get in touch with a local running club or race-organizing committee that puts on local running races in your area or surrounding counties.

  6. Talk to the owners of stores that sell running shoes, who are often well connected in the running community.

  7. Speak with the owners of local businesses, asking them to sponsor the purchase of your GO FAR curriculum or race fees. Pediatric doctors and dentists, banks, and health food stores are often interested in supporting GO FAR clubs.


Additionally, there are many grant opportunities that support building a healthy kids running club...

Go Far Video


Last year a student asked me if I was joining GO FAR. She told me that it was a new running club at school that trains students (and interested teachers and parents) for a 5K race. I worked to not...