Talking about GO FAR

“Running is something that anyone can do and be successful. When I told my students that by the end of GO FAR they would be running 13 minutes without stopping, they looked at me like I was crazy. We are now up to running 10 minutes and I have had so many students tell me that they never thought they would be able to run that long. They get such satisfaction by looking back to where they started to see how far they have come.”
– Anna, coach

“It was really fun but really hard. At first I wanted to give up but then I wanted to keep going and there was people cheering me on so that’s why I kept going. When I heard that we were almost done I WAS SO HAPPY! When I crossed that finish line I was proud of myself. I’m totally going to another 5K race.” – Jenny, GO FAR runner

“There was a strong sense of community among the students, the many faculty members who were involved, and the parents who participated,” he said. “I wanted to be a part of that community and to challenge myself to make positive changes through running.” – Todd, principal

“It’s a great feeling afterward. You could lift a building up.” – Dawn, mother and participant

“I love when my runners come up before practice to tell me about their goal for today’s run, or ask if they can run more than the scheduled time instead of walking, or when they come up afterwards and tell me how much longer they were able to run this week compared to last. Their excitement is contagious. We have lots of high fives, fist bumps, and woo-hoos going on.”
– Joni, coach


Participating in a GO FAR club has helped me…

  • "Become a better athlete and helped my endurance"
  • "Become more positive in who I am and how fast I can run"
  • "Improve my health and my stamina"
  • "Realize that being healthy can be fun"

When I crossed the finish line I felt…

  • "Astonished, I didn't know I had the power and strength to do that"
  • "Very proud and thankful for doing GO FAR"
  • "Super tired and amazingly proud of myself for finishing"
  • "Like a superstar"

My favorite part of race day was…

  • "Sprinting as fast as I could to the finish"
  • "Crossing the finish line and getting the medal"
  • "Simply running and running with my friends"
  • "Seeing how proud my family was when I crossed the finish line"

GO FAR has taught me the about…

  • "Being healthy"
  • "Exercise, being healthy and being positive"
  • "Realizing healthy choices are not hard to make if your are determined"
  • "How to work hard and how to stay healthy and fit"