What Kids Say

What children in the GO FAR running club are saying about GO FAR.....

Being a member of the GO FAR club has helped me...

"Become a better athlete and helped my endurance"
"Become more positive in who I am and how fast I can run"
"Improve my health and my stamina"
"Realize that being healthy can be fun"

When I got closer to the finish line, I could hear the crowd cheering and as I  crossed the finish line I felt...

"Astonished, I didn't know I had the power and strength to do that"
"Very proud and thankful for doing GO FAR"
"Super tired and amazingly proud of myself for finishing"
"Like a superstar"

My favorite part of the whole race day was...

"Sprinting as fast as I could to the finish"
"Crossing the finish line and getting the medal"
"Simply running and running with my friends"
"Seeing how proud my family was when I crossed the finish line"

GO FAR has taught me the most about...

"Being healthy"
"Exercise, being healthy and being positive"
"Realizing healthy choices are not hard to make if your are determined"
"How to work hard and how to stay healthy and fit"

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GO FAR has empowered the students and teachers with a sense of accomplishment and self confidence beyond measure. This is amazing - 1/3 of my entire school is participating in GO FAR